What an Extended Warranty Could Mean for You

As a car owner, you may be looking for ways to protect your vehicle from unexpected expenses. One tool to help you do so is a car warranty, also commonly referred to as an extended warranty. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the basics of extended warranties and why choosing one could be beneficial for you and your vehicle.

Extended Warranties Explained

An extended warranty is a protection plan that could help pay the bills when your car needs replacements or repairs. It acts as an extension of your manufacturer’s warranty, and it may help cover certain things that the manufacturer’s warranty may not. 

Reasons You Should Consider Getting an Extended Warranty for Your Car

If you plan to keep your car for a long time. 

The majority of manufacturer warranties expire after just a few years, which means that any repairs or replacements needed after the expiration date are entirely your responsibility. 

However, with the help of an extended warranty, you could avoid paying unnecessary expenses and potentially save time looking for qualified mechanics. 

If you drive a lot. 

If you drive a lot, your car is guaranteed to see more than the average wear and tear. While most manufacturer warranties only cover you for a limited number of miles, an extended warranty will allow you to get the extra coverage even after you’ve passed the predetermined number of miles. 

If you don’t get maintenance regularly. 

We get it – it’s hard to remember to perform routine maintenance on your car. But what happens when you forget? Your car may begin operating poorly, make strange noises, and eventually could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. If you’re like the many car owners who forget to bring their car in for routine maintenance, an extended warranty could act as a tool in preventing hefty repair costs. 

If multiple people drive your car. 

Every driver has a unique set of driving habits, whether it is hard braking, fast starting, or even riding the brakes. No matter how much you trust the people who drive your car, your car could still bear the wear and tear as a result of their bad driving habits.

Restrictions of an Extended Warranty 

Typically, a standard warranty will cover you for three years or thirty-six thousand miles- whichever comes first. However, an extended warranty will cover you for an agreed-upon mileage or time period beyond the standard warranty.

Before you invest in an extended warranty, make sure that it covers the specific repairs and replacements you foresee needing in the future. 

Extended Warranty Coverage Options 

There are many ways to choose the best warranty for your needs. CarShield’s extended warranties are good for drivers who want short-term coverage and offer affordable month-to-month extended coverage. Contrastly, other companies, such as Endurance, offer different plans to meet the driver’s specific needs. 

Make sure you do your research so that you can get the right coverage for your unique requirements. 

Final Thoughts 

Your car will be one of the largest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. By getting an extended warranty, you could help protect your investment and save money at the same time.  

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