Does Your Car Have Automatic Headlights? Are You Missing Out On Discounts?

If you’ve purchased a new car in the last year, chances are you are overpaying for your car insurance.  The sad thing is this is incredibly common; auto insurance are tough to understand and most people don’t know that they can save money based on features on their new car. 

Forbes and Consumer Reports list the following features + safety systems that could save you money with insurance providers:

  • Anti-theft devices (alarm, GPS tracking like Lojack)
  • Automatic headlights + day-time running lights
  • Comprehensive airbag systems
  • Forward collision detection systems
  • Blind spot warning systems
  • Emergency braking systems with ABS
  • Lane departure warning systems
  • Backup camera + detection systems

Depending on your zip and insurance provider, you could save money on your new car policy if it has some or all of the features above.  Thanks to sites like AutoBargainz, you can compare different policies from top insurance providers side by side with no obligations.

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